Crochet project: Infinity Scarf with bow

I found a really cute, super easy pattern for an infinity scarf on Pinterest (that I’ll post later), and decided that I could make it Doctor Who themed by adding a cute red bow! I think it turned out great! The bow is safety pinned so I can adjust it and put it anywhere I like.


Edit: As promised, here’s the lovely pattern I used for the above infinity scarf from Brooke Ann Dove at “On the Wings of a Dove” Blogspot.

The crochet bow’s pattern comes from JennaScribbles (scroll down to view the green bow). The only thing I changed was that I didn’t skip any chains in row 2.

Happy Crocheting!


New Goodies

I’ve been in Christmas crochet mode for the last few weeks, and I just wanted to share some pictures with you all of some things I’m making for a friend’s Christmas presents. Inge, these goodies will be coming to you soon! Hope you like them! (And don’t mind me spoiling the surprise of seeing it first in the mail!) I’m still working on your adult-sized women’s hat. My crochet skills are kind of limited, but I’ve found I can finally read simple patterns and follow them–hooray! And I’m getting better at knitting. If only it were as easy as crocheting. *Sigh* I still have a lot of things to finish before Christmas.

My cousin, Shellie Chambers, also sells awesome crochet owl hats. I’ll post a picture of some of the ones I had her make for the girls I nannied for their Christmas presents. I’ll even throw in some cute pics of the Christopher kids at the aquarium over the weekend. Mr. Christopher had to get them out of the house while Mrs. Christopher was finishing some last minute shopping and he was nice enough to allow me to tag along. They all came to pick me up at my house on the way there, and as soon as I got in the car Corrina shouts, “Daddy tricked us! He told us we were just going to follow this yellow truck, but I knew this was your house.” Oh, I love those kids. (Pictures above).


…and shameless self-promotion, but my dear Korean-living, ex-roommate from undergrad, Inge, was spotted wearing my hat in her friend Mandy’s photo blog. I was excited to see her wearing my Christmas gift to her. Hope it’s keeping her warm in Asialand!

Here’s cozy Inge in Korea-land:

My friend, Inge enjoying some coffee in South Korea.