Corinna’s 9th Birthday: an Email Update

Today was Corinna’s 9th birthday. I sent her a little card in the mail that she got today. Before I left Charleston, her mom helped her set up an email account so she’d be able to email me (since they’re sensible parents and don’t let their kids have cell phones yet). Here’s the email she sent me after opening her card. I miss those kids!!!


Hi Ms. Sarah,

I got your card, and I loved it! I almost cried because it was the best, sweetest card I’ve ever gotten.

Things I did at my birthday party:
we had a luau party
hula-hoop contest
limbo contest
face painting
leis and grass skirts
To get ready for the party Rachel, Sydney and I colored the patio with luau chalk pictures. We also had chips, hawiian punch, fruit kabobs, hamburgers and hot dogs. We ate cupcakes, and I got lots of wonderful presents.

Today, my actual birthday, I took doughnuts to school. Teachers pretended to come after me down the hallway to get the doughnuts from me. Also, after dinner Mommy and Daddy gave me a surprise cake with 3 candles on it. (3 x 3 is 9) This was the best birthday ever, but it would have been better if you were there.

I miss you,

PS. When I the card from you, I yelled Sarah! Sydney thought you were at the door. When she found out you weren’t at the door, she got all teary-eyed.
PPSS. Please text Mommy or Daddy to plan a Skype date.


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