And a Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas to You!

Hi faithful followers! I know, I really need to write like almost every day to build any kind of consistent following…but that’s hard to do. I’ll try harder. (Look at me, I’m already making New Year’s resolutions, uh oh!)

This will be my first ever Christmas in my whole 24 years of existence that will not be spent with family and not be spent in Kentucky. I decided to not make the journey home this year mostly because I knew I’d be home for several months starting in April when my lease finished up in Charleston…and then there were the car issues… But my car didn’t blow up, so that’s good. Poor girl. She is is 11 years old. She’s getting feisty now that she’s a preteen.

Anyway, Shellie is due with her first baby ANY DAY NOW! Ahhh, excitement! They’re having a tough time at the moment, so just pray for strength for them. My cousins and aunt and uncle and Mammaw are all heading to Shellie and Rob’s house in Birmingham; Mom and Dad are going to Aunt Rita and Uncle Frank’s house and spending time with Granny in the nursing home; I’ll be here in Charleston crashing Jena and Pat’s first Christmas as a married couple (why do most of my friends have to be married already?). Just kidding. It will be fun. Our other married friends, Jared and Niquie will be joining us for Christmas dinner on actual Christmas day since their family is coming and going on Christmas eve. Jena and Pat are also going to come to my church’s Christmas Eve service tomorrow night! I’m excited they’ll finally get to see Coastal! My church is having a Christmas community service–it will even be across the street from our church at an elementary school since they’re expecting so many people to show up. I’m going to be in charge of the 3-5 year olds for the first service at 5pm and then join in at the 7pm service.

I also gave myself an early Christmas present this week by finishing my OxfordTEFL application and interview. So, as soon as I finish my 20 hour online Pre-Course task, pay the deposit for the course in July, and buy my plane ticket, I’ll be


That’s in the Czech Republic. In Europe.

I’m pretty excited! The interviewer was a former TEFL student and said he had meant to only go and stay in Prague to teach for a year and ended up staying for 5 years, now he works for the company. You never know what will happen (shhh, don’t tell my mom.) Oops. Too late. I forgot she reads this blog. *Hi, mom!*

So soon I’ll be seeing places like:

Prague Castle


Old Town Square

with weekend excursions to places like

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

And dare I say some excursions at some point to the other parts of Europe at least before I leave that beautiful European Union? I can’t wait.

The adventure starts July 2012.
I really wish I had the guy that voices all the trailers to read that out loud just now.

Ah, in other news, I hope everyone of you out there in cyberspace has a very Merry Christmas indeed! (and you should all watch the Doctor Who Christmas special on BBC America because that’s what all of the cool kids are doing!) Here’s the trailer:

And now off you go to Netflix to catch up on all 6 seasons of Doctor Who…and then Torchwood, Merlin, and Battlestar Galactica, and…no? That’s just me then. And Jena. We’re practically the same person anyway. We’re Jenarah or Sena–take your pick.

Ok, I don’t even get paid to plug that…but I wouldn’t mind if I did. HINT HINT interwebs! Thanks to Comcast for FINALLY giving me BBC AMERICA! Guess that was their Christmas present 🙂

I’m gonna go crash. Have a great Christmas everybody!!!!


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