I can’t spiel

Dolphins deserve it. Fact: charismatic megafauna is booed at by marine bio grad students because that's the reason why they all get peolple asking them if they want to work at Sea World once they graduate.

One thing I used to pride myself on was my awesome spelling ability. It was a gift, really. I even went to the county spelling bee twice without really trying. All that really required was to beat out the kids in my class, which I’m sure they didn’t really want to go in the first place, so they probably got words wrong on purpose. However, I was that kid who had to “try”; fat lot of good that did me. One of my best friends from that time, Miranda, always had trouble spelling. I used to have to help her out. (Now I think some of that was she was slightly ADD and didn’t have time to bother with small things like learning spelling words when she could see the world in colors–LOVE YOU, MIRANDA!). All I ended up getting was a packet of spelling words that I was pretty sure, at the time, I’d never use, the anxiety of having to try to learn said words (which I never really did), my mom who nagged me about how I should really try to learn at least some of those words, and the $2 consolation prize at the end when I didn’t make it to the final three. Whoop-dee-doo.

But now I realize more and more how bad my spelling has become. Like today, for instance. I was going over lessons with Sydney today (the four year old), and I was making new flash cards for numbers, writing the number and the word )11-20. I probably stared at my writing of the number “11” for a couple of minutes. “Eleven” just didn’t look right. So I tried, “elleven”. It looked better. But then I looked at it again and decided “elleven” was wrong and it was indeed “eleven”.

And this is just some of it. I think I depend way too much on computer word processors to edit and proofread my spelling nowadays. I’ve lost the ability to spell simple words. I remember thinking the other day that the word “judgment” should have an “e” after the “g”. As smart as computers and technology make us feel sometimes, I think we are losing some of our original brain power once we reach the age where all of our school work has to be typed. That’s when my spelling went to pot.


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