You say Coincidence, I say God-incidence

I guess it’s time I gave a life update, and it couldn’t come at a better time. I’ve felt God all around me through this entire process of feeling out a new life goal and situation, and I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know He’s right beside me. Taking time off this semester to save up more money for school and apply for loans wasn’t really what I was planning on doing at first, but it is working out for the best. I wanted to share what others may call a “coincidence” in my road to finding a full-time job that would last me until school starts, but what I know is definitely God’s helping hand.

As soon as I returned to Charleston after Christmas, I immediately began searching and applying for jobs. I never heard anything back from the marine science camp job I was hoping to get, but knew if I could find a full-time job at minimum wage, I would be getting paid more at that than with it. Sad, I know, but true. And that job would have only been through the end of May, so I didn’t know what I’d be doing after that. I began perusing Craig’s List. I looked on all of the job sites. Nothing really seemed very promising. I then began looking on the College’s job board postings for local jobs. One of the categories was “child care”, and various full-time jobs were offered by local families. I applied for a couple of those and was happy with how quick the turn around on hearing from the families was. They usually emailed or called me within a few days. This seemed the way to go for a temporary job. Strange “coincidence” one: one of the jobs I applied to turned out to be for a single mom with two adopted kids. She works at the college and is really good friends with a guy in the biology department that is involved with science education and who teaches some courses in the program I will start in the Fall. She said I should definitely talk to this guy for advice. Hmm…of all the jobs I could have applied to, that just happened to be someone who could be connected to what I am thinking of doing as a career. Strange.

I then started expanding the child care search outside of college board postings, and eventually found an entire site ( that connects families looking for pet-sitters, babysitters, nannies, house sitters, etc., with people looking for jobs. I had seen a full-time nanny job in Mount Pleasant through one of my job searches on Google that led me to the site, but I had to create a profile in order to apply for it because initial communication can only be done through the site. I did so, and applied for the job. But there were tons of local families looking for caretakers. When you type in your zip code, the job board pops up of jobs that are closest to you. The first one on the list was a family on James Island (where I live)…actually, only 4 miles away, that were looking for a full-time Christian nanny for their three kids; paid vacations, holidays off, and sick days; pays about $12/hr. The job had just been listed that same day; the day I had joined the site. I immediately applied for it, and heard back the next day. Strange “coincidence” number two: When the mother called me the next day, she told me her and her husband were both biology/chemistry people. Her husband actually works at the Hollings Marine Lab where I had been the past year. Very. Very. Weird. He’s more of an analytical chemist and when I gave her my resume, she told me he’s gone to this PITTCON conference that I attended for two years when I was at WKU working for Dr. Conte. Freaky. I met her for coffee and a job interview, and was super excited about the job. Everything seemed to match up perfectly from everything we had in common, to how close we lived, to how long they were looking to keep a nanny (until August). I went to their house to meet the dad and kids last Friday, and really got along well with them. They told me it was between me and two other people.

This morning, the mother called me and told me the position was mine if I wanted it. I start the 26th. But I know it’s not a coincidence. Thank you, Lord!


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