2010 Top Ten

I must admit, I had to start this post early…back in November, so I’ve been thinking about it for a good long while. I wanted to take a step back and have a good think about this past year and what I’ve learned about myself, so I decided to create a couple of top 10 lists of things I’ve done (or never thought I’d do–good or bad) this past year. Here it goes! (I feel like Wayne Campbell *do do do, do do do, do do do*:

My TOP 10 list for 2010:

TEN: Fulfilled a childhood dream this year, and now I can move on. My 10-year old self had always wanted to try marine biology, and I finally had that opportunity. God knows I would have never forgiven myself for not trying.  However, I realized a career as a research scientist was not what I where my heart was, and now I’m on a different journey on the road to informal–or, should I so choose later, formal–science (hopefully, marine science) education in the Science and Math for Teachers M.Ed. program. This decision was not easy, and is still in the adjustment phase (financially as well as other ways), but I am enthusiastic and optimistic about where this degree will take me in the future. I’ll start the program Fall 2011.

NINE: Joined a gym. Like, a real place where people come together to exercise, get fit, and, most shockingly, pay to do so. Yeah, didn’t see that one coming either.

EIGHT: Revisited a passion. I’ve painted more in the past few months than I have in the last three years. Matter of fact, the last time I painted something for fun was 3 years ago. I’ve painted just for fun, and I’ve painted on the scenery/backgrounds for some of the church’s sets when a new series starts. I’m getting back to my crafting that I’ve been inhibiting, and it’s so nice. I’ve missed it so much.

SEVEN: Kept in touch. Though I know I’m starting to slide in this area a little bit (my friends will tell you I’m bad about being the actual caller), I’m trying to keep in touch with all of my fabulous friends. This is becoming harder and harder as everyone seems to be spreading out and going their own ways. Amy J. is now in New Mexico; Jacob is now in Indiana; Laura is in KY; Bekkah is only 2 hrs away, thankfully; Shellie is in AL; Travis is in CA; Inge has been in S. Korea for the last year and a half (I get to see her this week!); several friends are in TN; I still have a few friends in BG, KY; and of course, I still have my peeps in Taiwan that I miss dearly. But in today’s day and age with facebook, email, skype, cell phones, and good old fashioned snail mail (right, Inge?), you have NO excuse.

SIX: Volunteered. I don’t want this to sound like I’m tooting my own horn, but seriously…go volunteer somewhere. It’s one of the best uses of your free time and is so much fun and rewarding if you choose to volunteer at something you really love. I’m been helping out in my local church with Sunday school for little kids, volunteering with church creative projects, helping out when needed with the touch tank, Dash for Trash, or other marine lab activities, helping a friend with her art shows, and helping COSEE with a new school program for salt marsh restoration. I’m going to try my best to keep this up.

FIVE: Cooked for myself…for a whole year. This is coming from the girl who grew up with her grandma feeding her every day at home and then going away to college and eating at the cafeteria twice a day every day. So now I do the whole grownup grocery shopping deal complete with meal planning and cooking. And, surprisingly, I actually enjoy cooking for myself. Grocery shopping I could live without, I hate that part. But I like getting to determine what I want to eat, trying new recipes, baking, cooking…it’s quite fun. And I like eating it. That’s the best part.

Funnily enough, that’s the only thing Mammaw ever asks me about when I talk to her on the phone. I have to describe in detail what I eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and if I’m eating vegetables.

FOUR: Got Bangs, again. Why, hello there, bangs. We meet again. It’s been about, what, 10 years since we’ve last seen each other? Awkward teenage years flashed before my eyes as I tried to imagine myself with bangs before I took the plunge. It’ll grow back, I told myself as I sat in the salon chair while my bangs were being etched into my hairline. But I’m pleased I followed through with my birthday present to myself (a nice haircut). I may keep you for a while.

THREE: Felt like somewhere else could be home. I’ve never been one to get too upset about leaving home. I’m used to traveling by myself and I enjoy it. I didn’t cry when my parents left me at college. I didn’t get upset or anxious when I spent all of my summers since 2006 somewhere else without my family for months at a time. I liked being in new places. But, I was only in those places for a few months and never long enough to determine if I’d actually ever like to live there for years at a time (except LA, I’d never live in California). But I have been in Charleston for over a year and I absolutely love it there and could see myself living there someday. However, I also have this traveling itch, so maybe when it gets scratched I’ll settle sometime? Who knows.

TWO: Been a rebel. This was accomplished by getting my lower lip pierced, and if you know me, you’d say that was just about the most rebellious thing I’ve ever done. Mostly because I knew beforehand that my family would think I was crazy and would disapprove…but I wanted it for well over a year. And the event was made even more special because I did it with my soul-sister cousin, Shellie, whilst on vacation in B’ham. Oh, and she got her nose done did, so she softened up the family a bit for me when they see/saw my piercing. (Choosing present/past-tense verbs is made more difficult when writing for a future post).

ONE: Became a graduate-school dropout. You may think that by that wording, I must be ashamed of myself and choices. However, I feel this just may be the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

Anyways, Happy 2011!!! To another interesting year of life!


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