Just wanted to let everyone know…that I’ve come to a decision.

I’ve decided that this program is not for me and I’m moving on to greener pastures: possibly switching to a MS in education program called Science and Math for Teachers still at the college. A lot of my classes I’ve already taken will count in that program.

I let my adviser, PI, and committee know, as well as the program director, and all were quite supportive. I’m still staying in the lab working with my adviser on experiments until the end of the semester, so I still have a job (whew) until then. I’m scrambling to find financial aid for next year. Out-of-state tuition isn’t cheap! I’m still praying for God to lead me in direction He wants me to go and for opportunities to open up while I’m searching. I feel good about this. I am very happy with my decision too; I think it’s the right thing to do. I tried to be as graceful as possible in leaving–I don’t aim to burn bridges.

When I told my PI today and that one of the reasons I came here was that I had wanted to since high school he said, “Wow. You were a motivated kid.” Agreed. I think I can do anything I put my mind to, but I have to want it. In my opinion, it’s better to be doing something you love but aren’t good at then doing something you’re good at but don’t love. If you want something badly enough, that will give you the motivation to get better at it. There really isn’t anything you can do in the latter situation except be miserable. One of my favorite quotes:

“Motivation almost always beats mere talent.” –Norman Augustine


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