These last few months have been insane-in-the-membrane. No joke. I’ve been working a crazy schedule the last month or so in the lab. Sometimes I go in about 8:30am. Sometimes I get to leave about 6pm. And I get paid for 20hrs a week…ha ha ha, that’s funny. Sometimes I even get to eat lunch. Yup. Those are the best days.

And I’ve had a couple of visits from the parentals and Amy J.–which were fantabulous, I must say. I’m so glad they got to come down and visit! I’m sorry that I had to be in lab some of the day though, science just doesn’t take breaks. Saying that, it sounds like I’m one of those die-hard science folk that just love spending every waking hour in lab. Not so. I enjoy doing lab work. I don’t mind having to stay late on occasion. But what people sometimes don’t realize is that for most major scientists, they eat, sleep, and breathe science…24/7. I wonder if some have time for family stuff. It’s crazy. I knew this somewhat going in, but seeing and living it myself for the last few weeks, I don’t think I want this. In fact, I KNOW I don’t want this…at least not at that level. I’m more of a low-key kind of person. I don’t want to be in the forefront of new science discoveries, that’s just not me. I’m the kind of person who is a very hard worker, but wants direction. I want to have someone above me. I don’t want to have to come up with grants regularly. I don’t want to have to worry about producing papers to keep my job. Psh. To me, all of that takes the fun right out of science. I know I’m here at this school for a reason, and that God has a purpose for me. I just don’t think that purpose is going to lead into a major scientific career. I want to be here because I’ve wanted this for a long time, and God is helping me through it. He is so awesome!

Speaking of awesome, I have been studying for this comprehensive biology exam since May that I have to pass to formally be admitted as a MS candidate for my program. It was an oral exam in which my PhD committee members could ask me anything they felt like in biology and I had to impress them enough to pass. I have been fretting over this for a while, what for the lack of direction an oral exam has (what you’ll be asked, how you should answer, varies A LOT) and just the mass volume of biological knowledge you have to try and cram into your brain and retain…it’s insane. Anyway, I PASSED and never, I repeat, NEVER have to go through that again. I had to wait about 15 minutes out in the hallway by myself after my exam while my committee discussed whether or not I passed. Longest 15 min of my life. I was just thinking of how much I didn’t want to go back to my room that was covered in notes, diagrams, open textbooks and opened Wikipedia on my laptop and spend the rest of my summer re-learning and trying to retain all of that info. My head was about to explode. I did pass with conditions…conditions that say I need some remedial work in cell biology (psh, who likes cell biology?), so I need to either sit in on a class or do a seminar for my lab on general stuff. We’re going to work out the details soon. Most importantly, I passed. Our class is 12-1 on that front! Go team!

I was sort of nervous about the test, but not too terribly much when I was answering questions. I could definitely tell God helped keep me calmer than I normally would have been. And I had so many family and friends praying for me, so I want to thank you guys! I love you! Praise God! I know He will lead me where I have to go.

Anyway, I’m off to sit on my bum and not do crap for the rest of the day. I earned it. Wohoo!!!


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  1. Congratulations, Sarah! I’m so excited for you that you passed and can now enjoy some much needed relaxation. I can totally relate with how you feel about not wanting to be at the forefront of things. I’ve definitely realized that trait in myself over the past year or two. I know that whatever you end up doing, you will be fantastic and you will make your mark, however humbly.

  2. Congratulations Sarah!!! you did it and you didn’t even have me there to dance on the bed and sing crazy songs at the top of our lungs in the wee hours of the morning to motivate you to study… You’re practically a superhero.. Love you lady and I miss you. 🙂

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