Sometimes when I’m left alone to my thoughts, I become seriously nostalgic. I swear I’m not depressed, nor am I unhappy. On the contrary, I feel very blessed for all that I have. But sometimes I am sad that the best I can do in lieu of actually getting to spend time with some of the people I’m closest to in my life is only a phone call, a letter, or a text message. (P.S. WordPress messed up my spacing and maybe affected the feel a bit).

Sarah Vied
My life is changing, moving on
I’m not the same as once upon
I’m getting older, making mistakes
learning and morphing in various ways.
I’m living my life as best as I can
having regrets is not part of my plan.
Meeting amazing people as along I go,
but missing old friends terribly
I want them to know:
It saddens me to be here when some are over there
back home, to the North, the South, or the West.
I think of you all often and wish we could share
all the things that we used to when we were both there–
under that same canopy.
But I know our lives are trees taking root,
our branches, spreading, touching each other’s shoots
leaves turning green, coloring each other’s worlds,
for a moment–a spring, a summer, a fall,
or a winter–we’ve been through them all.
Now we’re dispersed among different canopies.
And I know that we can’t always be selfish and stay
so close together, or our forest would decay.
Each one of us moves on in one way or another
hopefully not forgetting the past friends and lovers.
Who I am, I know in part, is interconnected to you,
I understand…
but I still just miss you–I do.

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