This entry has multiple meanings attached to it–I am super pumped about so many things! 2010 is here, and I’m looking forward to an awesome year. A new semester has begun with classes in physical oceanography, biometry (statistics), labs for both, and seminar. The first week of classes went well, and I think that maybe this semester will shape up to be a better one altogether. We don’t have lab reports and we have take-home tests for biometry, which is fantastic. And the best part you ask? I don’t have to TA (teach undergrad labs) OR work every weekend! I never realized how important having a weekend, just a few days to catch up on sleep or work really is to my sanity.

I will be on the hunt for an apartment to share with Lindsay and possibly Kristin. I’ve never lived outside of a dorm while I’ve been in college besides my summer escapades, but those were never actually “my place.” I’m super excited about living somewhere outside of the marine lab, which is convenient, but has a crappy bathroom, crappy heating, and is currently infested with mice and spiders. Spiders I can live with, mice are pushing it. Two have been caught in the laundry room and kitchen in traps over the past week. I’m so ready to decorate my own place, too. Not only will I have to find an apartment, I’m going to have to also search for furniture. Hopefully, I can find some good deals on used furniture at thrift stores.

I also made some semi-New Year’s resolutions, but I hesitate to call them that since those always seem to get broken. One involved me getting a little more active. I tried to find Zumba classes nearby, but the closest ones weren’t on days or times that fit my schedule. Luckily, Gold’s Gym is only 10 minutes away and has Zumba 3x’s a week, plus tons of other classes, and even a movie theater room where you can watch movies they play daily and take a jog or walk on a treadmill! So yes, I joined a gym with Jena so we can help motivate each other. That’s a first. And now that I’m paying money for a membership, that’s a big motivator to go also.

I’m also starting on my project and working at HML (Hollings Marine Laboratory). I have a desk and my own phone line (however, I do not know my own number, haha)!Actually, I’m still finishing up paperwork. It’s a federal building, so I had to fill out a background check online and endure hours of safety and security training, not to mention hunting down all of these people for signatures and initials. The government just makes everything safe, don’t they? I mean, look at the airports. Oops, that’s going on my record because now the government knows everything about me. You all know I’m kidding, but seriously, they do. And they probably know all about you too, since most of the people that read this are people I had to list. Sorry guys, they made me do it.

I have a lot to accomplish and look forward to in this year. I have learned a lot and I feel as thought I’ve grown so much in the last couple of years. Sure I’ve had some ups and downs, and I’ve thought to myself about where I was in my life and what I was doing or worried about around this past Thanksgiving or Christmas–but I wouldn’t change what I’ve experienced or gone through in my life for anything. I’ve come to realize that

“there is hope for me yet,

because God won’t forget

all the plans He’s made for me,

I have to wait and see…

He’s not finished with me yet,” as Brandon Heath says in his song, “Wait and See.”

I can’t wait to grow and find out how God is going to shape me into being more like Jesus this year!

Here’s a picture of the lab I’ll be working in! I’m so excited!


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