Home for the Holidays

I’m finally back in Kentucky for a little while.  It’s already been great so far.  Yay vacation from school!  I hate having to depend on other people to transport me everywhere though, I’m not used to it.  Elizabeth picked me up from the airport in Nashville and drove me back to Bowling Green where we hung out for a while.  Then it was off to Amy’s apartment and seeing her and Carol, where Amy made an amazing chili and chocolate chess pie.  Then on to a short visit with Carol, who dropped me off at Amanda and Lee’s house.  We went out to O’Charley’s for dinner last night because Ichiban’s was closed.

Today, I went to lunch with Chance at Rafferty’s (only after O’Charley’s was vetoed since I’d just been there the night before).  Next, I was dropped off at North Wing on campus to hang out with my old quant chemistry professor, Dr. Conte.  He’s pretty much my favorite professor from undergrad, and such an endearing, sweet man.  We chatted for about an hour about life, grad school, his new lab, new NSF Taiwan grant, he showed me the new science building classrooms and his new lab…tried to convince me that I should be a teacher.  Apparently, he thinks I have the intelligence and personality for it.  I’m not so sure about that.  I’m quite happy I got an RA and no longer have to teach freshman undergrads entry level biology labs anymore.

Which reminds me, that I finally picked my thesis project working with sea-ice diatoms that are collected from Antarctica…and there’s a high possibility I’ll get to go on a research cruise there!  The lab seems really awesome; I’m working on the paperwork to get clearance, since it’s a federal lab.  I had to go get fingerprinted at the police station, which was interesting.  I got to see my lab and where my cubicle/desk/computer will be.  I’m so stoked to start working on my project.

Back to tonight, Amanda and Lee made the most amazing dinner for me, you should be jealous.  And now I’m talking to Inge on facebook and Amanda is playing the banjo for me in the living room.  I see my new home and family tomorrow.  Christmas is this weekend for my family and everyone is coming to our house.  I love my life.


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