Give Thanks

Thanksgiving was last Thursday and the first one I haven’t celebrated at home.  I was kind of sad about not being at home to celebrate it, missing out on seeing my family and eating Mammaw’s chicken and dressing and pecan pies.  I could have driven home, but 10 hours on the road it quite a long drive when the majority of my time at home would have been spent writing papers and working on a presentation.  Bekkah wasn’t going home either, so we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving in South Carolina instead.  I went to her apartment in Columbia over the holiday.  I put together some food we traditionally eat over Thanksgiving and Bekkah and I had a feast: creamed corn, yams, cheesy scalloped potatoes, smoked ham, mac & cheese, rolls, green beans, brownies–and I even made some of Mammaw’s famous pecan pies with semi-sweet chocolate chips!  Here’s some of what we had:

Everything was delicious.  I woke up early (8 am) for some reason, watched the parade while Bekkah was sleeping, graded papers, entered grades for my classes, took a shower, then started on the meal around 11am, about when Bekkah joined me.  As I was peeling the yams, a got a phone call from Dad with some bad news.  My entire family was at the hospital in Hopkinsville.  Uncle Skip had had a heart attack the night before while he was out with his son Chris and Chris’ wife at a restaurant.  Luckily (but we all know it wasn’t luck–it was God), two nurses happened to be there and were able to immediately give him CPR before he was rushed to the hospital.  He flat-lined once in the night, but they were able to bring him back.  The doctors say that he may have suffered some brain damage.  An initial EKG didn’t find anything, but more tests will have to be done.  He is responsive, however, and is doing so much better than anticipated.   The doctors keep telling them that he still has a long way to go, so I ask that all of you reading this to please keep Uncle Skip and my family in your prayers so that we can have him back to his old self as soon as possible if that’s God’s will.

I wished I was in Kentucky with my family so badly to help support them at that moment, though.  Cary flew into Nashville, and Shellie and Rob came back up even though Shellie had just gone back to AL the day before.  Chris, his wife and the kids were there too.  Mom, Dad, and Mammaw skipped dinner at my Dad’s brother’s to go to the hospital.  No one had slept at all the night before.  And here I was, in South Carolina, sleeping just fine and eating a huge Thanksgiving meal, enjoying myself, completely unaware that any of this was going on.  I’ve taken in for-granted how close I’ve been to my family in Kentucky all of these years, but then I felt as if I might as well have been light-years away.  I know I couldn’t have really done anything if I had been there, but I just felt so separate from my family and guilty that I wasn’t there suffering along with all of them.

The rest of the time, Bekkah and I did a lot of shopping.  We went pre-Black Friday and Black Friday shopping.  I got all of my immediate family’s Christmas presents and a crap load of deals.  I can’t wait for Christmas break, but I really just want all my family to be together and healthy.  That’s really all I want.

Lastly, a picture of Bekkah and Sneakers.  Sorry, Bekkah.  Had to put it in here 🙂


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  1. Sarah, I am so sorry to hear about your Uncle. I will keep him and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    It looks like you and Bekkah did an amazing job throwing together a Thanksgiving dinner for yourselves though! I really look forward to seeing you over Christmas break and having some fun baking together. 🙂

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