This has been one heckava week.  One physiology lab report due on Tuesday–check.  One ecology lab writeup due on Friday–check.  One midterm in ecology this morning–check.  I’m exhausted.  Because of said lab reports, I was unable to start studying for the midterm until yesterday.  That’s right, people.  Little Sarah who starts studying weeks in advance of a test didn’t study until 2 days before.  As a consequence, I was up until 3am studying and doing life tables!  I know you’re jealous.  I don’t feel particularly well after this test, but we’ll see.

Friday was another one of the first year’s birthdays, Jacob.  He had his first real gig downtown at a restaurant/bar, Aroma’s.  I just missed Art Walk with the others because of TAing (basically free wine and cheese).  It was a journey to travel several blocks on foot downtown to meet up with them for dinner at Aroma’s before the gig, with a stupid backpack on, no less.  Then Jacob didn’t even get to start playing until after 10pm, and I had to leave after one song to try and get my car out of the parking garage before the attendants left and I had to pay $10.  I didn’t make it in time and had to pay it anyway.  Apparently I also missed a drunk guy trying to use Walter’s face as a punching bag (probably one of the nicest guys in the program).  I loathe this TAing on Friday night and Saturday morning, it screws with my weekend.  (BTW, I talked Walter into coming with me to Coastal church, and he really likes it.  I think he’s going to keep coming.  We’re working on Kristin too.  Unfortunately, because of all of the above, I slacked on church and Lifegroup this week, and I can tell a difference.  I need to remedy that.).

I also bought my ticket for Chicago to visit Jacob for spring break in March (my Jacob, different one)!  So excited 🙂  Except for the fact I found out they got robbed last Sunday after only being gone a couple of hours at the grocery, which worries me for them.  I hope they figure out who did it and it doesn’t happen again.

In other news, we also had 1 of our 14 to quit the program this week.  Apparently didn’t want to wait 3 yrs to get out of here, and I don’t think the program was what he expected. Listen up folks who think doing marine biology is cute: you get paid squat.  You do what you do because you love it, period.  Definitely NOT for the cash.  I’m having a hard time in deciding what I want to do and whether or not I can afford to do it because most of the projects I’m interested in have zero funding, even for basic supplies. Sometimes I wonder if I will love it enough.

Fall break starts this weekend for us, after I give a midterm in my intro biology labs.  Bekkah might be coming down on Friday, and I’ve already told her I’m coming up to Columbia this weekend.  I’m SO EXCITED!!!  I need to get out of here a while for my sanity and I miss my Bekkah!


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